The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera only gets a 7th rating on DXoMark

Mlast week DxOMark announced that it was testing the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, now the results of the test have been published. Of course the expectations regarding the camera capabilities of this Samsung Flagship smartphone are so high, but the results of the test say otherwise.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra only ranks 7th

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera only gets a 7th rating on DXoMark

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was launched back in March, and since then Samsung has continuously released several firmware updates aimed at improving camera performance. However, it seems that Samsung’s efforts have not been successful enough to match the camera quality of its competitors.

Even though being ranked seventh doesn’t mean the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s camera is bad, the S20 Ultra’s camera is still superior in several aspects. The Samsung S20 Ultra was able to score high marks for the quality of the photos it produced, reaching 132 points. But for the video quality, the camera received a negative assessment, and was only able to score 102 points.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera only gets a 7th rating on DXoMark

For the total camera test results overall, the Samsung S20 Ultra gets 122 points, which puts it in seventh place along with the Honor V30 Pro.

DxOMark gave a positive value regarding the bright colors that the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera sensor is capable of producing, the image has a wide dynamic range and is one of the best for a smartphone camera.


The S20 Ultra ultrawide camera has been named one of the leaders in its class, but there are still some shortcomings that are noted for the ability of the camera sensor.

  • Autofocus is often shaky when in low light conditions.
  • The response of the S20 Ultra camera sensor is also said to be slower when compared to its competitors.
  • The dynamic shooting range is not as good as that of the Huawei P40 Pro.
  • Its sharpness is slightly behind the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.
  • Zoom shots on the Galaxy S20 Ultra were noted to have some artifact issues.

Of course, these results can still change later, considering that Samsung continues to provide repair updates for the S20 Ultra camera. And one more note, this DXoMark test is only a reference and does not really describe the actual quality of the camera.

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