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Getcha Ghost Mod is an android game developed by the DAERISOFT company with an adventure genre that is fun to play.

Because this game can provide tension for the players. Moreover, here you will meet ghosts. Not only meeting, you are tasked to win them. Hmmm do you think you dare or not?

This game also has puzzle gameplay as one of the main elements in the game.

The main task you have is to hunt ghosts and demons. But here you will also get help from good ghosts that you can work with.

Review Getcha Ghost Mod Apk

This game itself has game play and a way to play that is almost the same as the game Pokemon Go. Where in this game you will use AR technology or augmented reality (AR).

So to play this game, you have to defeat the HP camera to go to certain places that detect the presence of ghosts or demons on the screen. By finding them, you can catch them too,

If you already have a lot of ghosts that you have caught. Then you can fight with the evil demons. The battle mode that you have to do is to use puzzles as the game play. Just like when you play the Candy Crush game.

The main task that you have to do is to break the blocks as fast as possible so that the demons can’t catch and defeat you in this mission.

With the combination of these two games, it will definitely make Getcha Ghost not boring to play.

Game Play Getcha Ghost Mod Apk

By using AR technology you can catch the ghosts around you. Then you can also play puzzle games to defeat the demons. Yes, this game is indeed a combination of two interesting games to play.

1. Capturing the Hanru

Here you will act as a group of teenagers who have the ability to control ghosts and monsters. You can choose a character as a leader or team leader.

And the job of the leader is of course to catch the ghosts that roam around you.

With this AR technology you can go to every corner of the place you visit so you can find ghosts. Each ghost usually has different abilities and skills. Therefore, you also have to be diligent in improving your skills and abilities.

Because this game has AR technology, you should be careful when doing tasks to find ghosts. Find a safe location and away from the streets.

2. Fight Ghosts, Devils and Evil Monsters

If you have managed to collect lots of ghosts and also managed to increase the strength and skills you have. So the next thing you have to do is get ready to face the evil ghosts, monsters and demons who are ready to catch and kill you.

In this battle, you will be faced with a puzzle game that you must solve in order to defeat these monsters.

But not all of these evil characters you can collect and defeat. Because there are some ghost characters or monsters that are very difficult to beat. Or there are also good ghosts who will provide help by increasing the skills and abilities that you have.

If you’re lucky, you can also tame these evil monsters so they can help you in carrying out every mission.

Here you can also use coins and ghost energy that you have to increase the level of strength and skills that you have. Apart from that, you can also collect fragments of ghosts, monsters and also legendary demons which are also rare.

3. Based on South Korean Serial

Actually, the Getcha Ghost game itself is an adaptation of an animated series from South Korea. Under the title The Haunted House. In Indonesia alone, this animated series is better known as Shinbi’s House.

Fitur Cheated Getcha Ghost Mod

The mod version of the Getcha Ghost game itself has lots of cheated features that will make you feel a lot of advantages, and the following are the features:

1. Unlimited Money and Gems

With this feature, you can be satisfied with all the items in it. So it will be easier for you to complete missions and defeat monsters.

With this feature you can get a lot of money with an unlimited amount. Apart from that, all the premium features in it are also open and you can access them for free.

2. Support AR

By carrying out AR technology, this game has an unusual playing sensation. Maybe you won’t even be able to find it in many other games. Moreover, Getcha Ghost has two game play that you can play.

The first game play is AR and the second game play is a puzzle game.

3. No Ads

Through the modification process, this game also managed to get rid of the ad display in it. So that it can add fun to the game because you won’t be disturbed by the presence of ads.

Game Information

No Getcha Ghost
Updated 25 November 2022
Compatible Android 4.4+
Final Version 2.0.148
File Size 53.89 Mb
Feature Mod Unlimited money and gems
Category Adventure
Licence Free
Link Download Apk Mod >
OBB Data >

The benefits that you get at Getcha Ghost Mod Apk

1. Free to Choose Characters

You can use all the characters in the Getcha Ghost game freely and can have unlimited access. You can meet many characters including Sara, Koo, Hari and Koo Doori, Leo, Geumbi and Shinbi.

As well as many other characters.

2. Catch Ghosts

This game is equipped with a ghost capture feature using sophisticated AR technology.

3. Game Puzzle

To defeat the monsters, ghosts and demons in this game. You have to complete an interesting puzzle game to play.

4. Collect Coins and Ghost Energy

You can collect coins and ghost energy so you can win every match in this game. Because these two items can increase the power level of the main character and ghost hunting partner.

With this item, it will be easier for you to defeat the evil ghosts.

The final word

So, with the benefits that you can get from this Getcha Ghost Mod game, it will be easier for you to complete each mission. Besides that, with AR and puzzle game modes you won’t get bored easily when playing this game.

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