Forex Trading: $50 Bonus From FBS You Want?

Forex Trading: $50 Bonus From FBS You Want?

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Forex Trading: $50 Bonus From FBS You Want?

I’m not sure why I get so excited about forex trading at the start of every year. For several reasons, I only used the demo balance in the first week of playing Options.

One of them was unable to deposit. Not because the funds are insufficient, but for some other reason.

After opening the email, I returned to forex trading for the second week. Not because FBS emailed me.

However, because of the FBS advertisement that appeared in my email. I opened the email because I was curious. It turns out that it’s a $50 bonus for new registered or verified members.

Of course, I did not pass up this golden opportunity and promptly opened a $50 bonus account with FBS.

If you want to receive the $50 bonus but haven’t yet registered, please do so with FBS Indonesia first. I’ll explain in more detail below:

• Access your FBS account.

• Navigate to the Promotions and Bonuses tab.

• Next, choose Bonus $50.

Please read the bonus’s terms and conditions first. When finished, please go to the bottom and click Create an account.

The profit from this bonus account can later be withdrawn if you have traded two lots or made a profit of $25.

Trading two lots in question, for a total of two lots traded. For example, I traded 0.1 lot four times with.

So, I traded 0.4 lots total, which means I need to trade 16 times with the same lot (0.1) to cover a total of 2 lots.

I’ve collected $19 of the 0.9 I traded on the first day from the $50 bonus I traded. So I need 1.1 lots or 11 more trades to meet the requirement of 2 lots, and profit withdrawal takes about $6.

How did I make that much money on the first day? I trade slowly. I aim for a profit of 10 to 30 pips. Profit and the number of lots traded are the only two things that matter.

Unfortunately, we can only profit up to $500 from this $50 bonus account. Consider depositing the profit from this bonus account to another trading account.