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Sample Poetry – If we read a literary work, of course we will be happy, right? Especially when reading poetry certainly has its own taste. The reason is that in poetry you will get a lot of deep meanings, you know. Anyway, for those of you who really want to write poetry, we will tell you examples of poetry.

Indeed, to make a work, we will definitely study and see existing references. In the past, to see a reference, you had to look for books like that. Or you have to look for print media that provides it.

However, over time, you will be able to find existing references, you know, on the internet. Because the internet now provides you with lots of examples of whatever you really need. How would you like to know right now?

Okay, if you really want to know, then you can just listen to the discussion that we convey. This time, Immaku.com I will convey to you some important information about poetry. Let’s get into the discussion right away.

Explanation of the True Meaning of Poetry


Who doesn’t really understand education what is poetry about? If you are one of those people who really don’t understand this poem, then we will immediately convey it to you. How do you want to know right away? If so, please refer to the discussion on Sample Poems.

Poetry is one of the literary works or essays in which it contains the expression of feelings or thoughts of a writer and uses beautiful words. This literary work prioritizes beautiful words in its work.

By using poetry, you can later express various kinds of feelings, you know. Starting from feelings of happiness, touched, sad, anxiety and others. Or in this poem, you will also be able to express your admiration. Yep, the awe that you will express can also go to the Creator, you know.

Therefore, this poem is one of the literary works that many people like. For those of you who really want to write poetry, you can, you know, make it. However, keep in mind that this poem does not use everyday language.

But later you can use very beautiful language, like imaginative words and so on. The point is, this poetry is included in literary works that can be used and also made to express the contents of the heart or mind, yes.

Anyway, for those of you who want to write poetry, there is one thing you really need to do and remember. If in poetry, you can not only make beautiful words, but there must be a meaning that is conveyed. Don’t arbitrarily want to use a beautiful word, but it has no meaning.

It’s useless if you only rely on beautiful words but don’t give meaning or express meaning in the poem. How did you understand until here? OK, let’s move on to the others.

Various Forms of Life Poetry That Must Be Known


In order for you to understand more about poetry, you should also know that in this poem there will be several forms. Yes, so this poem doesn’t only have one form, but there will be several forms that you can witness.

If we look at a poem, later it will be easy for us to know what kind of poetry this is, right? Therefore, you must really understand this poem. How do you want to know more deeply about poetry?

If that’s the case, we have prepared for you what are the things that really make you understand more about this poem. Immediately, yes, we will share with you an explanation of the form of the poem. Anyway, there are two forms of poetry, namely old poetry and new poetry.

So what is old poetry and new poetry? To be able to tell the difference, we will provide you with a complete description below. Immediately, let’s look at the discussion. Cus don’t let anyone miss it, OK?

Old Poetry

The first is old poetry, where this form of poetry is a form that is still bound by the rules of poetry writing. Later in making this one poem, you have to pay close attention to the rhyme, the array arrangements in each stanza and so on.

So, later on you can’t just go around making this old form of poetry. Examples of this old form of poetry are poetry, rhymes, mantras, seloka, gurindam, and others. There are lots of examples of this old poem, aren’t there? So that’s why you have to know it.

New Poetry

If the first form was an old poem, then the second form is a new poem. Where is this new poem the opposite of the old poem. In the poem, there will be some things that are free, you know. So, this writing is a form of writing that is not bound by anything.

You’ll be able to use this poetic form later to create free-form poems. Like making odes, ballads, romances, hymns, satires and others. Do you understand this form of poetry? If so, proceed directly to the types of poetry.

Types of Old Poetry Based on Content or Ideas


If the discussion above was about the form, right, now you also have to understand about the types of this poem. If you look at the type, you will get three types of poetry. Where all of these have different things.

Of course, the types of poetry are distinguished based on the content or ideas, you know. Therefore, later you will be able to immediately determine which type of poetry is one and which type of poetry is another. Want to know what are the types of this poem?

The three types of poetry that we conveyed to you above are types of lyric poetry, narrative and also descriptive poetry. For that, you can just go ahead and listen to the discussion that we will give about this type of poetry. How do you want to immediately see these types? Come on now also see.

Lyric Poetry

This lyric poetry is a type of poetry in which it expresses the personal ideas of the poet or commonly called the poet and or the explanation of the poet himself. In this type of poetry, it will be divided into three, you know. Anything? Check out the distribution below.

  1. Ode, which is a type of poetry that is usually written to worship a situation, a thing, or a person.
  2. Serenada, which is a poem that tells about a love story and can be sung or sung.
  3. Elegy, namely poetry that expresses or expresses feelings of grief.

Narrative Poetry

The second type of poetry is a type of poetry that contains the story of the poet. This type of poetry will later be divided into two, namely romantic poetry and also ballads. You can also, you know, write this narrative poem to reveal the story you have.

Descriptive Poetry

The third type of poetry or the last type of poetry is descriptive poetry in which in this type the poet does not act as a filler or give expression from himself. Rather, the poet acts as part of the person giving the impression of something. It can be an object or an event. This type of poetry is satire.

The Two Main Elements That Are In Building A Free Poetry


After knowing about the types of poetry, there are other things you need to know. What’s that? Yep, you will know about the two elements in the poem. Of course, later in the poem there will be elements which can build the poem itself, yes.

The two physical elements that we mean here are the mental element and also the physical element. Do you know what is the difference between these two elements? For this reason, so that you can find out, we have prepared a discussion about the differences between the two elements in this poem. How do you want to know, right?

Inner Element

If this inner element is an element that is not visible in his poetry. So, to find out, you have to read and understand in advance what is meant in the poem. This inner element consists of 4 parts, you know, namely the message, the theme, the feeling, and also the tone and atmosphere of the poem.

Physical Elements

While this physical element is an element that will be seen in the poem. When you read poetry, you will simultaneously see these physical elements, you know. Just like this inner element, later you can also see its 4 parts, namely rhythm, figure of speech, words that symbolize, and also words of connotation.

The Characteristics Of Love Poetry Literature

To distinguish poetry from other literary works, you will also be able to see its characteristics. Of course, you should know the characteristics in this poem first. The problem is if you don’t know it later you won’t really understand enough to know this poem. For that, below are the characteristics of poetry that you can know.

  • Poetry is a literary work consisting of stanzas and lines.
  • It uses a lot of beautiful words.
  • Poetry uses figurative meaning.
  • For the use of diction in poetry, always pay attention to rhymes and rhymes.
  • Provide a mandate that can be used as learning by the reader.

Examples of short poems that contain complete elements in them

Well, after you’ve seen and known a few important things about poetry, now’s the time for you to know about examples of poetry. As we have told you above, we will also give you an example. Of course, the sample poem that we have given you already contains complete elements, yes in it.

Download an example of a poem with complete elements in the form of a docx file -> Click Download Here

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