3+ Free Online Business Opportunities Without Capital

3+ Free Online Business Opportunities Without Capital

Awasmedia.com– Free online business opportunity without capital? Who is not interested, especially if you have a very good income potential.

It is true that a business in the online world can be started for free and without capital, but in the quote that is free is registration.

While initial capital such as a laptop and internet connection is a mandatory requirement that must be provided.

The harsh economy in Indonesia makes many people start thinking about a side business and even have the desire to run their own business.

For those of you who don’t have an idea of ​​what business you are running, there is nothing wrong with trying to run a trusted online business.

It is important to know, choosing an online business is not an easy matter. Many are tempted by large incomes and eventually fall into this type of fraudulent investment business.

So, so that you don’t make a mistake, we will share examples of business opportunities that really pay and are real businesses.

Free online business without capital can also be an option as an addition to the coffers of income that is done on the side first.

Especially for those who have high economic needs and are deemed insufficient to meet their daily needs which are increasingly soaring.

Maybe at first this business was just a side business, but when it’s smooth and growing, this business can be a big source of income that requires you to quit your current job.

There have been many examples of Indonesian people who have entered as full time internet marketers ranging from freelancers, bloggers, content writers, design services, web creation services and many others.

3+ Examples of Online Work at Home With Great Income Potential

The good thing about working at home is that you have a lot of time for your family, you can do various activities with your family, there is no pressure from your boss and you are completely in control. So what are these efforts, let’s see our review below.

1 Blogging

Blogging was originally an activity to channel the hobby of writing on an online medium called a blog. But now it has developed into a dollar hunting activity from the internet.

So how do they get money from blogs?

A blogger is in charge of managing a blog according to the topic under his control and then working with PPC (Pay Per Click) service providers such as Google Adsense or selling other people’s products, commonly called Affiliates.

You can also turn your blog into an online store and sell goods online. The goods sold can be self-produced goods or belonging to others that can be obtained through reseller or dropshipping channels.

2 Article Writers (Content Writer)

Being an article writer or the cool language of a content writer or cw is one of the easiest online businesses.

Anyone can try this business, all it takes is the ability to write articles. Not all women are good at the various topics they discuss, sometimes they look for material on the internet and then rewrite it in their own language.

The most important thing is that the articles are unique and of course easy to read. So the ability to speak standard Indonesian is a vital thing to master. Meanwhile, if you want to sell articles in English, your English skills must be good enough, you must master tenses and grammar well.

So, how do you become an artkel writer?

To become an article writer is actually quite easy, the main thing is the basic ability to rewrite articles in your own language or if you can, which is more interesting. Then you can offer your services on blogger forums on Facebook, publisher forums like ads.id or even directly offer your services on sites like freelance like fiver.com and many more.

Not a few article writers who are overwhelmed to accept the job just by opening a service via Facebook and offering it to fellow bloggers in the blogger group.

If you want to get into the professional content writer business, you can create a site to offer this service and recruit your friends later.

3 Web Design and Development Services

Web design and creation services are one of the online businesses that offer quite a decent income.

However, to open this service requires a lot of ability, you must have knowledge of web programming languages ​​such as php, html, css, javascript and others. In addition, the ability to manage hosting and domains.


Opening a web development service may require a lot of mastery, but if you choose to be a web designer, you can try to create themes and sell them.

Themes or templates of your work can be sold through a personal website, through forums or special websites for buying and selling themes such as